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Paramus, NJ: March 23, 2017 — For the last 90 years, The Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra (ANPO) has been the face of classical music in Armenia. The orchestra is committed to promoting cultural and musical awareness. They feature works of Armenian and international composers. ANPO tours regularly around the world performing classical and operatic music as well as national and contemporary music. However, during the last 30 years, the condition of their musical instruments has significantly deteriorated thus making it hard for the musicians to show their highest artistic endeavors.

Front cover of the Holiday CD by ANPO

Holiday CD by Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra

According to the current international standards, most of ANPO’s instruments are outdated and in extremely poor condition. The ones that are affected the most are the wind, brass and percussion instruments. Some of these instruments are cracked, thus forcing the musicians to seek temporary repair solutions which can dramatically change the quality of the performance.

“In order for ANPO to be able to continue representing Armenian classical music on the international concert scene and to continue artistic activities as Ambassador of Armenian music they need to repair and maintain existing instruments as well as buy new instruments,” states Karen Hakobyan, Armenia Fund USA’s Cultural Program Advisor.

When this information was brought to Executive Director Lisa Stepanian’s attention, a decision was made to do something different for their annual Christmas Mailer. This year a Holiday CD by the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra was added to each mailer. The CD and letter brought awareness to the Armenian Community about the problems that ANPO had with their instruments. The Christmas mailer was extremely successful and donations are still being received to help the orchestra’s cause.

Armenia Fund USA, thanks to our loyal supporters, has raised 50 thousand dollars for this specific cause at this time. With these funds ANPO can begin the extensive process of fixing the instruments in need of repair and replacing the ones that are in extremely poor quality. As a result, The Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra can continue to strive within the classical music concert scene

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